Dec 2022 - On the Homestead

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The temperatures are dropping, the trees are bare, and we're spending more and more time indoors. But that doesn't mean the animals are dormant.

I started raising my current herd of rabbits at the beginning of 2022. I had some problems along the way. First off, I was too inexperienced to know I had received two bucks and a doe instead of two does and a buck. So that was a bummer. To make matters even worse, the one doe passed away from having too much cabbage leaf (I think). I had already had two litters though, so I had to wait for them to reach the proper age to become my new breeders.

Now, I have five does and three bucks that are all ready to have babies or currently taking care of them. In November, two of our first-time moms kindled. One gave us a litter of seven, and the second had a litter of four. While I was waiting for those kits to be born, my other three does reached breeding age. They are now bred and due right before Christmas. So, the barn already has 11 baby bunnies in it, and it will have a lot more very soon!

I haven't been dormant either. I've been building new rabbit cages, researching how to build an automatic water system that won't freeze, and working on this website a little more. Specifically, I added a Shop where you can buy things like rabbit droppings for your garden or the rabbits that I talk about in many of these blog posts! If you're interested in purchasing something from us, let us know at


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