Homestead Resources

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Here are some links that may be helpful if you're looking to get into homesteading yourself. I'll be updating this post periodically with more information as I think of it.


  • About Bunny Colors - A great resource for learning the color genetics of your rabbits.
  • Raising Healthy Rabbits - A complete guide for raising rabbits even in third world countries.
  • ARBA Standard of Perfection The American Rabbit Breeders Association's guide to raising the best rabbits. This tells you what traits to look for when breeding and buying rabbits.
  • Backyard Meat Rabbits - A good starter's guide for raising rabbits for meat.
  • Beyond the Pellet - Advice on how to raise rabbits without using store-bought pellet feed.
  • Raising Pastured Rabbits for Meat A detailed guide on raising meat rabbits from a business perspective. This book teaches you how to raise healthy rabbits while also making a profit.
  • The Urban Farmer - Learn to grow all of the produce you need on a very small plot of land.

Rabbit Breeder Listings


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