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Summer 2023 - On the Homestead

It's been a while since I've made an update. Unfortunately, my parents had some medical issues this year that kept me from updating here, but a lot has changed! To start off with, we had to get rid of our chickens and ducks. Read More

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March 2023 - On the Homestead

It's been a bit since the last post, and a lot has happened on the homestead as well. With the end of the winter comes the time to prepare for the upcoming year. Seeds need to be started. Garden beds need to be prepped. And, of course, babies need... Read More

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Can Muscovy Ducks Live With Chickens?

I've seen posts around asking if Muscovies and chickens can be raised together. Some people say it's okay while others warn to never try it. So I want to throw my hat in the ring and talk about why it can work. I live in a small neighborhood where... Read More

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Jan 2023 - On the Homestead

Happy new year! Over the past month, a lot has been going on at the homestead. We have had new baby bunnies, lost our winter garden due to the crazy winds and cold snap, and we are even adding a new animal. First off though, I want to talk about ... Read More

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My Chickens Come When I Whistle

My chickens come when I whistle. Pretty cool, huh? My ducks come too, they're just a little slower. It's a fun way to show off, but it also is a great way to get your birds back in their coup if you let them out, or they get out some other way... Read More

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Dec 2022 - On the Homestead

The temperatures are dropping, the trees are bare, and we're spending more and more time indoors. But that doesn't mean the animals are dormant. I started raising my current herd of rabbits at the beginning of 2022. I had some problems along the... Read More

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Smudge's Newest Litter - We Have a Tri-Color!

Smudge had a new litter of eight baby bunnies on Sunday, July 17th, and today I got to take the nesting box out of their cage. So they are now bumbling around the cage and snuggling together in all of their fuzzy cuteness. This litter was especia... Read More

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Why I Raise Rex Rabbits

This is my second go at raising meat rabbits, and I've learned a good bit since the first time I tried. When you first get into it, you are likely to find out that New Zealand whites are some of the best meat rabbits you can raise. The does are us... Read More

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Pigeons on the Homestead

Pigeons. I know what you're thinking. And if you've read any other articles on pigeons or ever been in a city, you have heard the phrase "rats with wings". I get it. People think they are gross. I used to be one of them. But I have also always sec... Read More

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Homestead Resources

Here are some links that may be helpful if you're looking to get into homesteading yourself. I'll be updating this post periodically with more information as I think of it. Books About Bunny Colors - A great resource for learning the color geneti... Read More